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Landscape Original Paintings

that lacks a good foreground is like a house without adequate foundations.



Passion in Art !

The secret  ingredient in addition to everything you do: sketching , oil painting, working with clay, is finding a sense of purpose, that has meaning in your work and life, and what is more important – to be passionate about it. Successful artists always win. And this is because the key to success is passion. If you have a passion for what you are painting or sculpting, you will succeed.


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$45 bargain at a Garage Sale turns into an estimated $200 Millions treasure now
  Sometimes hunting for a bargain at a garage sales pays off . 10 years ago Rick Norsigian bought 2 small boxes at a garage sale for $45 down fro...
$45 bargain at a Garage Sale turns into an estimated $200 Millions treasure now

Hand made original paintings and crafts  new artwork. new paintings, new prints , and posters on canvas and paper. Original paintings and original drawings attract art buyers, who wants to posses something unique. You can find different types of media – oil, acrylic, watercolor and etc – that represents either an antique, or a modern painting. When it comes to original paintings, the most popular genres are Realism, Surrealism, Pop, Impressionism, Art Deco, Abstract and etc. A drawing with a media like charcoal, pastel, pencil and ink are well known and quite preferable, too.
Original art   oil paintings for sale and limited edition prints and reproductions