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Landscape Original Paintings

that lacks a good foreground is like a house without adequate foundations.



Passion in Art !

The secret  ingredient in addition to everything you do: sketching , oil painting, working with clay, is finding a sense of purpose, that has meaning in your work and life, and what is more important – to be passionate about it. Successful artists always win. And this is because the key to success is passion. If you have a passion for what you are painting or sculpting, you will succeed.


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The most expensive paintbrush ever? Florida-based princess uses wind and heat from a private jet's engine to make art
Princess Tarinan von Anhalt - whose husband was the late Prince Jurgen von Anhalt of Austria - creates art with the help of a very powerful and expensi...
The most expensive paintbrush ever? Florida-based princess uses wind and heat from a private jet's engine to make art

Buy directly from the artists.  Every single person buys a form of a piece of art. Even though people imagine art buyers going on auctions and showrooms only due to their work, the reality is different – art has quite more universal appeal. Art buyers, as a matter of fact, vary according to their personal needs. Thus, an ordinary girl, who is keen on ballerina and who buys a poster with ballet image is an art buyers just like the outdoorsman, who gets a Labrador retriever image to decorate the garage. Meanwhile, art buyers are also those community organizations that visit special places and events to get rare pieces of art for adorning public buildings or outdoor areas. All of these means art is a real universal way for people to express their personal and common interests and ideals at display to the whole surrounding world.
Featured Original Paintings   - original drawings and original paintings attract art buyers, who wants to posses something unique. You can find different types of media – oil, acrylic, watercolor and etc – that represents either an antique, or a modern painting. When it comes to painting, the most popular genres are Realism, Surrealism, Pop, Impressionism, Art Deco, Abstract and etc. A drawing on a media like charcoal, pastel, pencil and ink are well-known and quite preferable, too.