Original Hamlet Art Mixed-Media Original Abstract Art Monoprint

Original Hamlet Art Mixed-Media Original Abstract Art Monoprint

Style : Tribal, Art Nouveau
Materials : ink, paper, gelatin

Original Fine Art Abstract Monoprint

Title: Hamlet and Ophelia, gelatin monotype mixed-media ink
Size: 9" x 11" on mulberry paper
Materials: speedball watersoluble printers ink, gelatin plate, natural found objects, permanent ink pen, coloured pencil

Purchase is for the original one of a kind work of art, signature is on the back so as not to detract from the work, watermarks are digital display and are not part of the artwork.

This is not the usual take on Hamlet and Ophelia, this one delves into the subliminal and subconscious. Read closely, Hamlet is ripe with sexual overtones, and they were overt and crass; it is only the changes of the English language through time that obscures the overt sexuality of their relationship. Ophelia's passions are deep, and turned against her.

Here is one of my gelatin monotypes on mulberry paper taken much farther than I imagined it could go. The monotype is the background of red and photo-blue ink that was rolled onto a gelatin plate and picked up with mulberry paper. I used ink and brush to lay in the dominate lines, letting my own subconscious lead the way to see what appears. These mixed media pieces are an adventure for me from start to finish.

It began as a monotype, a process where ink is spread onto a flat surface (in this case, a gelatin plate) and manipulated using textured objects (in this case leaves and ferns), brushes and hand, an paper is then pressed. They are completely unique one of a kind works or original art. Sometimes, as in this case, I work them up further using pens, ink, pencils etc. and bring to the surface images that truly surprise me.
This is a monoprint, built up of many unique layers of ink, no two alike. I use a gelatin plate as a printing surface, where ink can be rolled, pressed, and manipulated creating a new design every time, building up layers of ink by overprinting one image on top of the other.

Please Note: While I endeavour to represent my art online as accurately as possible, colours and contrasts may vary on different monitors; for actual sizes please refer to posted measurements.

Unless expressly stated, all artwork is sold without mat or frame to keep shipping costs low.

© Ingrid Schmelter aka kaslkaos. All rights reserved.


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Ingrid Schmelter
Stouffville , Ontario, Canada
Original Signed by Ingrid Schmelter

Original Paintings
medium : Mixed media
style : Surrealism
Subject : Abstract

Dimensions: 9 x 11 inches

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