French Toast

French Toast

An arrangement of random objects, shapes, and patterns drawn together to form a black and white masterpiece by Chelsea Geldean. "French Toast" features a coffin, winding road, waffles, pizza, and open sign.

Chelsea Geldean
Luke AFB, Arizona, United States
Reproduction by Chelsea Geldean

Prints Giclees
style : Surrealism
subject : Abstract

$3.00 USD
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Tags: black and, white, weird, surreal, surrealism, chelsea, geldean, art, drawing, markers, marker, coffin, random, objects, object, thing, things, stuff, magic, 8, ball, eight, waffles, waffle, arrow, arrows, mask, shapes, shape, patterns, pattern, flowers, flower, chess, piece, pizza, eye, striped, stripes, stripe, dots, dot, poka, poca, cross, road, shoe, boot, phone, street, open, sign, unique, interesting, crazy, insane, insanity, craziness, odd, peculiar, strange, sound, symbol, key, fun, surreal, surrealism, dead, death, rip, casket

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