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Lisa Zilker - , NY
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The paintings listed are from an on going series of Trees. These Trees depict the life force energy (NRG) of Trees from both with in and around the tree. Some are grouped together with the focus on the roots. The roots also depict how they are connected to the earth and draw from the earth then give back in nature with their beauty and nourishment.

If you are interested in the original painting please contact me thru

The store picture of me is from another series Conversations.
The geometric works of the series Conversations Between Blue and Red are grid-based paintings with organic and simplified botanical shapes. They are a fuller expression of the themes of my Blue/Red series.

The series now depicts longitude and latitude providing a sense of place - the grid – while the jagged split represents noise. This noise arises from interactions beyond our control. The sources of this noise are planetary, mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical. When the grid is removed, we are only left with noise, and beyond and around that, change and new life.

The Nudes and paper works are pictorial narratives dealing with specific issues of and acts of cruelties and atrocities committed against women. They share some of the organic and botanical motifs of the Conversations between red and blue series, which are expressed more literally.

Many of the watercolor art works, such as The Trees, are squarely about the life-force energy, resilience, sy