Mixed Media Goddess

Mixed Media Goddess
Mixed Media Goddess Mixed Media Goddess Mixed Media Goddess Mixed Media Goddess

Materials : scap wood, rusty wire, clay, ceramic, paint, beads, feather, dried grass

This unique goddess was fashioned from parts I created myself and items I collected. The head I created from clay and then pit fired. I attached it with wire to the body, a piece of weathered 2 X 4. I wrapped the body in wire to act as arms to hold a bouquet of dried grasses. Three pieces of copper wire hammered into spiral shapes to make a headdress. She has a ceramic spiral pendant hanging from a piece of rusty wire.

This piece would look great in any room of the home. A perfect gift for someone that values unique art.


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Alanna Pass
NEWBERG, OR, United States
Original Signed by Alanna Pass

metal : Figures & Faces
wood : Figures & Faces

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches

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Tags: pit fire, ceramics, found object, hand built, scrap wood, beads, goddess, wire, gift for her, one of a kind, unique, mixed media, sculpture

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