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You pay  the invoice to ArtYou and the process is complete.

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tips for selling art



Who buys art?

In general, every single person buys a form of a piece of art. Even though people imagine art buyers going on auctions and showrooms only due to their work, the reality is different – art has quite more universal appeal. Art buyers, as a matter of fact, vary according to their personal needs. Thus, an ordinary girl, who is keen on ballerina and who buys a poster with ballet image is an art buyers just like the outdoorsman, who gets a Labrador retriever image to decorate the garage. Meanwhile, art buyers are also those community organizations that visit special places and events to get rare pieces of art for adorning public buildings or outdoor areas. All of these means art is a real universal way for people to express their personal and common interests and ideals at display to the whole surrounding world.
A buyer might be searching for different kinds of arts due to the differences in his preferences and the purpose of the piece of an art. For instance, the decoration in an interior design of both – working and living space – is the main occasion for buying art. Different aesthetic attitude and approach are also great motivations for seeking for art. It does not matter if the art will be for personal needs or for a gift, because the purchase of an art is either made due to the functions of the art, or due to its attractive appearance.

Types of art

 There are lots of art sellers, who succeed making lots of money by selling art to art collectors across the entire globe. A seller might be the real creator of the art, or its distributor and even a group of people, who make and sell art. Art varies from limited editions of some lithographic pieces to sculptures made of marble. Of course, these are only little parts of the large art industry. If you want to see it fully, visit  ArtYou, where art sellers goods and art lovers favorite pieces are put on display.

A print can be made using several kinds of media and the most popular ones are wood, silkscreen and metal. In contrast to the original paintings, which should be one of a kind to be original piece of art, the print is produced of numerous copies and all of them are pieces of art. Thus, a print run might be produced in a particular number or in an endless circulation. If a print is limited edition, you will see the print number on the left or right bottom side of each piece.
Collectors are very keen on antique prints. Such prints are usually images of old and really rare books that are devoted to botany, history, architecture, geography or nature. Each print of these makes an impression with its illustration, however, an added explanation of the literary source makes it more attractive and raises the potential buyer`s interest more and more.

Every public or private building or premise becomes more sincere, individual and personalized, if you use an interesting and attractive poster. The most popular posters you can find are Vintage-styled, though, there are numerous other kinds such as modern images, authentic anonymous reproductions and etc. Among all of these genres you will definitely come upon Hollywood stars with emblematic life and career –  Charles Chaplin or Michael Jackson – as well as world significant historical personalities such as Vincent van Gogh and his original artworks.

Original Paintings and Original Drawings

 Original paintings and original drawings attract art buyers, who wants to posses something unique. You can find different types of media – oil, acrylic, watercolor and etc – that represents either an antique, or a modern painting. When it comes to original paintings, the most popular genres are Realism, Surrealism, Pop, Impressionism, Art Deco, Abstract and etc. A drawing with a media like charcoal, pastel, pencil and ink are well known and quite preferable, too.

Photographic Images
Photos are also very various, because they can be either modern and colorful, or Vintage, Antique and black and white. Also, the reproductions of significant and popular photographic pros are still in demand among art buyers. The older a historical photo becomes the more interesting, attractive and expensive it turns. Though, contemporary photographic pieces of art with nature, important people or places are quite amazing and low-brow, too.

Digital Art
The digital art is actually a genre of art that originates back in the 70s of the 20th century. The genre gathers all those computer and electronically created pieces of art. These are those reproductions or brand new artistic creations made of the world`s best graphic and digital professionals, who used different form for their art creations – posters, canvas print or even an ordinary digital file. Such artists are fond of the contemporary way for expressing their talents and skills.

Self-Representing Artists 
The art offered by self-representing artist can involve different kind of expressions and different kind of media. What connects them all is the fact the creator of the piece of art sells his own artworks. For some pretentious and serious art buyers buying art from such artists is an honor since they would like to get something, which is really unique and one of a kind. The art genres could be so different and today even a logo or web template creation is considered as an art, which is made by self-representing artist.

Folk Art
Artists, who devote their art to their ethnic roots, cultural trends and national traditions, are very valued buy folk art buyers. In general, such an artist has acquired and learnt his skills and talents due to his origin and current residence or to the belonging to a particular community. The pieces of art could be paintings, sculptures, objects such as decorated boxes or hand-made souvenirs.

Mixed Media
Mixed media is a completely new contemporary kind of art, where different types of materials must be used for getting a final piece of art – for instance, combinations of single pieces made of various textiles, paper, glass and etc. In general, the complete piece of art is either a sculpture, or an object you can hang. Popular mixed media pieces of art also the collages and the multi-dimensional images.

Sculptures and Carvings
A sculpture is one of the most attractive, authentic and fascinating décor for home since it can adorn any premise and any part of the room. Such pieces of art could be produced from various materials, but mostly bronze, marble, stone, wood and glass are used.

Get Top Dollar for Art
When a seller determine what he will offer to the art buyers, he will also need to choose a successful practice for attracting the audience`s attention.

Do Thorough Research
There are times when a seller has a great piece of art, but does not know anything about it. Making a detailed research about this piece, as well as the creator and the art genre, could be great! The best way for a start is to examine the special signatures signs and marks on the piece of art and then, to check on the time it has been made, the place and etc. It is very important to figure it out if the piece of art is original or a reproduction.
All rare pieces of art are recommended to be authenticated and appraised. It is good not only for the seller`s earnings and reputation in the art industry, but it makes the buyer more confident, when he is about to make the purchase of this particular art, too.
To get the most qualified and unbiased opinion, respectively valuation, you will better turn to a professional third-party grader or authenticator, who has the necessary experience, education and knowledge. Bear in mind that an evaluator has his own, personal opinion. Also, be aware that ArtYou does not provide such an unbiased valuation by experts since the web site doesn’t have a team of graders. Determining a final authentication is a harsh complex process and in most cases two graders cannot make one identical authentication. It is recommended for the seller to find a licensed and reputable company that provides such valuations or grading services. This company or individual must be independent and with objective opinion, while ArtYou doesn’t take any responsibility about the action, opinion, inaction or grading service that has been done to a piece of art, which is sold on the web site. The seller has a duty to show and describe all of these valuations and grading services to his potential buyer.

Help Buyers Find Items with Keywords

The most efficient way to connect with a potential buyer is to use keywords in the Listing Title. Speaking of Listing Titles, they are applied in ArtYou to be used by the inner search engine of the web site. Every seller has 55 characters he can use to attract the potential buyer to his own product. To make it easier a seller can see the Top Art Searches in order to determine his own 55 characters for a particular product. It’s also a good idea to add some general keywords for description – painting, art and etc. Also, include some details that describe the uniqueness of the art – the artwork name, the artist, style and etc. By all means, every seller or artist must include information about the piece of art, which authentic to the piece. Also, sellers can check other listings that are available and see what other sellers use in their titles.
Each item has a listing description, where you need to add the most basic and important information about the piece of art. The description must be clear, easy to be read and understood. Also, it is recommended for the seller to create some bold section headlines or bullets for restating the basic information of the title. The more details you add, the better! Include information such as the dimensions, the availability of frame, the value, the history and the origin of the work or any other fact you think might attract buyers. To make it easier for the buyer to get an idea of the product, include pictures or video. When you create the listing, do it as you are in the buyer`s shoes. Mostly, an item with lots of bids is the item with lots of information and description.
Attention with the abbreviations! Use the most common of them – COA (Certificate of Authenticity), which says the piece of art is a limited edition, as well as O/C (Oil on Canvas), which says that the piece of art is an oil painting. If you use abbreviations, make sure that they are correctly used in the description of your artwork.

Showcase Art with Great Photos
There is no doubt that any picture says more than a thousand words.
Providing photos, the sellers guarantee themselves that they will attract the potential buyers` attention. Also, if a seller is smart and skilful enough to use the proper techniques such as lighting, camera angles and great background addition, he will have more chances to sell the piece of art for a better price and faster.

Choose the Right Background
The background must be contrasting and solid. For instance, if it is black or white, the piece of art will be more visible and clear. Thus, the buyer will immediately see it. The simplest way to make such a background is to make a picture of the piece of art placed on a poster or a bed sheet. For a better effect, choose some colorful backdrop with a dynamic shade. Keep in mind that the background should not destruct the attention from the real piece of art.

Cover All Angles
When you photograph the piece of art, take images from each angle, side, and distance. Zoom more often. Also, put accents on details with pictures, too. Highlight the details such as frame, date, brand and signature. If there is a text, zoom, too. If the piece of art has some defects or details that make it either more valuable, or more wasted, zoom them, too. A buyer needs to know what he is bidding for!

Use Proper Lighting
The clearer representation of colors, shapes and accents from your piece of art will be done by using natural light. Avoid direct sunlight, though, and make the picture, where the sunlight is indirect. The best image will be made on a shady place in a sunny day. In case the weather will not become sunnier soon or you cannot make photos at the outdoors, surround the artwork with high objects such as lamps and desks. Do not use flash camera, either, especially in case you don’t want any shadows on the image and in case the artwork is made of glass.

Always Add a Gallery Photo
Adding a gallery photo will bring you even more success! Beside a single photo and a good description in the listing, an entire gallery of images will definitely attract the buyers. Plus – the search engine has an option of a gallery view, which will show all the picture of your piece of art during the search. The gallery picture must be extremely clear and detailed. Also, it should represent the artwork fully since it is the only photo that the search engine shows.

Accept PayPal
It is extremely important for the buyer to feel confident and safe, while shopping on ArtYou. If you accept PayPal as payment method, you can have more buyers and more profits. The PayPal system is safe enough and it makes buyers feel safe, when they transfer money for their art purchases. The system transfers the money from the buyer`s account to the seller`s account. It is easy, safe and guaranteed. Sellers get options to track the shipment of the artwork or to purchase shipping labels.

Shipping Art
If you specify your shipping and handling costs, you will become a leader among the other sellers, which will rank you at a higher position in the search engine with the total cost filter. Attention – make the shipping price clear for the buyer!

Calculate Shipping Costs
The shipping cost is calculated according to the distance. To make it clear for the buyer, too, insert a shipping calculating tool into your listing. If you have a shipping calculator, ArtYou will immediately calculate the amount of the shipping cost for each buyer according to his personal residence – as well as according to the specifications (size and weight) of the product for selling. Sometimes, sellers add some additional factors for the calculation – packaging materials or other similar fees.

Select a Service Option
Imagine your artwork is too large, fragile or framed. It will need some special shipping – for instance the easiest and the cheapest is freight shipping. It is very suitable for products with weight over 150 pounds. Though, it is available in USA and Canada only. You can get some more information about the freight shipping at the Freight Resource Cetner

Packaging Art Securely
Once the product is sold, it must be shipped to the buyer`s home. Though, before that make sure you have the appropriate packaging for the particular piece of art, because it must be both – safe and secured. We recommend you using bubble wrap, foam or any other similar way to secure the piece of art from damages. There might be a need to take the piece apart, so send the item with some instructions for putting it back in an intact condition. The safest way for packing includes three main steps – wrapping, boxing and sealing.

Wrap It
Wrap each item individually and add as much cushioning as possible – bubble wrap, peanuts, foam, crumpled paper and etc. Using newspapers isn’t the best idea, by the way, since the ink might damage the artwork and it looks cheap. If you prefer, though, peanuts, fill the box fully with them, because if they move scratches might be caused. Scratches might appear on glass, so wrap such items separately and very carefully. Use sealed plastic if you have an item that should not get close to water. A poster, flat print, photograph or other similar piece of art should be shipped between two big cardboard. Also, make sure you have protected the edges of the frame with some foam or cardboard. Last, but not least, pack and wrap firmly the piece and make sure it doesn’t make any sound in the box! It means it is safe!

Box It
In case the artwork is small, the seller may use the free USPS Priority Mail boxes on ArtYou, as well as the United States Postal Service that will be delivered to the front door at no cost. Though, if the artwork is big, a corrugated box with rigid sides, some intact flaps and of course space for the cushioning is needed. Make sure you don’t exceed the limit of the gross weight.

Seal It
Get a strong tape that is made for shipping. It is better than the paper over wrap or cellophane tape. As soon as the seller seals the pack, he might pay for the shipping and print all the labels for shipping from their PayPal account. There is an option for picking up from USPS and UPS.

Build a Strong Reputation

A successful transaction is always depending on the good communication. A seller must be available for questions all the time – including after the shipping. Also, a seller should add some thankful note with the package, which could be a motivation for a positive feedback.

Always Leave Feedback

Feedback is truly significant for the ArtYou community. Regular positive feedback in a seller`s account makes the buyer more confident to shop from him. The more you communicate the more positive the feedback becomes. Also, if you present the correct and detailed information about the product in the listing, buyers will get certain about your strong reputation. Also, keep in mind that a buyer needs some positive feedback, too. Leave some and you will get feedback back!

Become Part of the Community
Remember – a seller doesn’t become a seller with an ArtYou account only. They have to introduce themselves. Write all the needed details in the About Artist sections. Write reviews and give your expert opinion. Don’t underestimate the communication with other traders, sellers, artists and members on ArtYou. Last, but not least – entertain yourself and feel great among the ArtYou community.

There is something personal and sincere in selling and buying art. People express their feelings and souls by choosing particular artwork. When they buy one piece of art, they form their decision by base on many things such as style, origin, purpose and etc. All the listed tips above, as well as all the available tools at ArtYou, can help the art sellers get in touch with the art lovers, who can easily find an access to the art they love and admire! In addition to these, do not stop improving your services and your reputation in front of the entire art community and soon you will become a really great art seller. How about starting now? Are you ready for some art selling?

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