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Anna FeltingParadiseArt - Designer Limerick, Limerick
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Design with Passion Made With Love
My name is Anna I'm mum of 6 children and happy wife.
I'm a interior designer.I have finished Art and Design Department LCFE
I create my works mainly taking inspiration from the world of nature.
The main technique I use for making them is a method wet felting and nuno felting.
In my works I use natural materials such as:
Roving yarn:merino,alpaca,silk,linen,bamboo Fabric : silk ,linen
My sister Monica is using needle felting in creating handbags and similar item which are all unrepeatable.We hope that in our works,everyone can find something special for themselves and people close to them .We would want our works to give you a feast for eyes and become a new inspiration for your imagination.Thank you for visiting our shop .