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Grigorii Pavlychev - Fine artist Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg
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My latest publication (5 Artists Who Love Painting Female Nudes):

My name is Grigorii Pavlychev. I am a contemporary artist who works in modern nearly graphic style. But I am still painter. I was born in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia in 1986. I loved art from my early childhood. Since the age of 7 I had attended the children art school for 9 years. I graduated from St. Petersburg State University with an honors degree in Art. During my studies I was mastering in painting, graphic arts, sculpture. I has a significant interest in art of fauvism and expressionism period.

My Paintings are in private collections in USA and Europe. The highest point of my painter`s career until this moment is the fact that the last season`s opening of the world-famous Mariinsky theatre was decorated with my solo exhibition called “Landscape 2.0″.
My art was on display at interior design studios such as Bulthaup and Promemoria.
I participated in a lot of exhibitions and projects, done my own solo exhibitions and projects.

If you have decided to buy my painting, then you will not just buy interior canvas, you will invest your money into a piece of art of artist who decided to go his own way and develop his career all his life. You invest in a piece of art of an author who graduated from one of the the best European art university, whose solo exhibition decorated the opening of the season at the world-famous Mariinsky