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Maka Stillwhite - Hamburg, Germany
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I am Maka Kvartskhava / stillwhite -as white is the color which is more than just color for me, its rather the whole story ful with myths and realyti at the same time.

My, as Artist's Statement
Before starting Painting, i was writing short stories, assays, which i used to call footprints of my inner life and my dreams. Then came time when my inspirations took me at the edge of Art and my inner opportunity knocked from inside, so I decided to build a door and to take my first steps in colorful world of Art.

So my assays and stories became exspressed in drawings and paintings and still I call my paintings a kind of short stories about me and emotions that surrounds me and that are inspired inner and outer world of life.

Self-taught artist. Although keep going forward in improving my skills with experienced and skilled artists.

Graduated from the State University of International law and relations and after few years of working in this field I realized, -

My home is where my heART is.

Working in graffiti, gouache, oil;

Being a member of ARTYou is really a good opportunity for me to show how art starts to work naturally in any of us.. and it will better show me, my own path in the colorful way of painting and life in general.