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Petr Ldin - Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg
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My name is Petr Ldin.
I was born in 1985 in St. Petersburg, in a family of painters and graphic artists, the family tradition in many respects defined my future course of life. In the childhood I was creative boy much, after time the children's hobby became my future profession.

After the graduating from the art school, I entered in the St. Petersburg State University to the faculty «Graphic design». The degree project, which was “Graphic support of concerts of a rock band of Nine Inch Nails”, became one of the first independent large projects in the biography. The purpose of this design project was the development of the graphic language, capable to create the impression of real experience of a concert. The graphic design, the photo, computer skills distinguish me essentially from many modern artists, it gives me a number of additional interesting possibilities and the widest field for experiments.

Now, having graduated from the university, I paints much, creativity fills my life full scale. My works with interest in a genre of a still life, a portrait, a landscape, computer graphics, a book illustration.